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Covid-19 information videos

Information for kidney patients and transplant recipients.

The National Association for Kidney Patients and Organ Transplanted in Norway has cooperated with nephrologists at Akershus University Hospital in the making of information videos about covid-19. The project is funded fra the Dam Foundation (Stiftelsen Dam).

One video provides the necessary background information about Covid-19. One video is for people with chronic kidney disease, including dialysis patients. One video is for transplant recipients and others who use strong immunosuppressive drugs. And the last video provides an overview of websites we recommend that you use to get good, up-to-date information about Covid-19. This video is especially useful for those who don’t speak Norwegian or English, and shows websites with information in multiple languages. It will also be useful for those who find it difficult to find reliable sources of information on the internet. 

Covid-19: Recommended information sources

Covid-19: General information

Covid-19: Information for kidney patients

Covid-19: Information for transplant recipients


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